Outtakes 7

As they hit their young adult stage, I got to choose their last trait. For Mara: Virtuoso; For Carrie, Natural Cook.

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5 Responses to “Outtakes 7”

  1. Ah yes … a time of change is coming.

  2. Aeronwy says:

    Are you picking by random or choosing based on what you want for them?

    • PayneAS says:

      As Carrie was neglected, I didn’t get to pick most of her traits. The traits I did get to choose I went with what the girls were inclined towards. Carrie wanted to be very much like her mother so the one trait, Natural Cook, was an extension of that. Mara was born with Brave if I remember correctly, then in the toddler years Noni wanted her to grow up to be a Genius so that is what I chose next. Bookworm seemed to go along with that. Then she has always loved artsy stuff like painting (it was what she would do on the toddler table whereas Carrie would play with blocks) so Artistic and Virtuoso fit her nicely.

      • Aeronwy says:

        I love that we have the ability to pick traits based on what the children seem to be drawn towards like that. 😀

        • PayneAS says:

          I totally agree. Originally I was going to use one of those online dice rollers to pick random traits (I even downloaded one on my Android) but really, the girls picked the traits themselves. I may still do random traits for ones that don’t scream at me though.

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