On Top of the World

With their new young adult status, Noni and the twins decided to splurge a little with the extra money they had been saving to spruce up Mara and Carrie’s rooms. Once more, Carrie deferred to her younger sister using the same reason that she was never in her room anyway. Although she did choose to decorate the room in colors to match the outdoors as well as adding a plant. The room continued to be a storage room for their childhood toys by an unspoken request. On the other hand, Mara chose to decorate her room in dark colors as her favorite color was black. She repainted the easel to match even. She also wanted a chair so she could study in the seclusion of her own room. Then she made one request to Carrie; Mara wanted a computer. Unfortunately, there was no way one would fit in her tiny room. Since her twin’s room was so sparsely furnished, she asked if a desk and computer could be put in there to be shared by everyone. Reluctantly Carrie agreed, with the stipulation that it match the rest of her room. Noni chose to do a few small things that she felt would make a big difference. First she matched the colors in both bathrooms, instead of having a hodgepodge collection of mismatched fixtures. Finally, she rearranged and added furniture to the living room to make it a more inviting area to entertain guests in. The result was very satisfying.

Twin's Renovation

Rather than buy a car, Mara decided to take the money she saved working at the bookstore and buy a partnership in it. For a mere §20,000 she proudly became the owner of Divisadero Budget Books. Since she no longer attended school during the day or the bookstore at night, she decided to pursue her dream of becoming an Illustrious Author. The next few months were spent busily tapping away at the keyboard.

Mara writing
Mara writing
Mara writing

Carrie spent her days (and most of her nights) away from home. She took her love of the outdoors to a whole new level. When she wasn’t working she could be found jogging around the neighborhood collecting rocks and bugs that interested her. She donated many of the bugs she found to the local science department. The pretty rocks she often kept for herself or sent them to be appraised. Quite frequently, if they appraised well, she sold them outright, pocketing the money and depositing it into her secret stash. Other times Carrie could be found at the gym especially when inclement weather threatened.

Carrie working out
Carrie working out

Noni spent her time learning what little she didn’t know about cooking. There wasn’t a whole lot to learn because she had been cooking and learning her entire life, which has been quite long.

Noni reading

Then one day she realized that there was nothing left to learn. Feeling very accomplished, she closed her book and congratulated herself.

Noni Top Cook

She headed to work later and prepared a special recipe. Noni presented the dish to the hungry dinner customers of her dowdy diner. It became an instant hit. Later, her boss discovered that a food critic had happened to be present that evening. The critic had written a raving review of the dish, giving the diner a 5 star rating. This earned Noni a promotion to head chef of a five star restaurant.

Noni Top Chef

It seemed as though nothing could go wrong.

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3 Responses to “On Top of the World”

  1. It’s when one thinks nothing will go wrong … that things go wrong. *DUN-DUN-DUUUUUUUUUUN*

  2. Aeronwy says:

    I suspect knowing she wanted to leave soon made it easier to not want to do much with her bedroom too. *winks at Carrie*

    I guess since Carrie is never in her room, it won’t matter -too- much that the shared computer is in there, eh? I hope she won’t regret being so easy-going about the rooms and stuff though. I do like the new living room layout though. Very nice! The family still doesn’t have a television though, it looks like?

    Wow, congrats on becoming a partner in the bookstore, Mara! Definitely more fiscally sound than buying a car, I guess.

    Here’s hoping all those sold rocks will buy her a cute little home soon.

    *blinks* What the heck are those symbols floating around Noni’s head when she finished learning? But YAY! Congrats on learning all there is to know about cooking! Woohoo! Congratulations on the promotion too! *throws confetti*

    D’oh! Don’t you know saying stuff like that is the kiss of death? *is afraid to peek at the next chapter*

    • PayneAS says:

      The family still doesn’t have a television though, it looks like?

      No they don’t. When I saw Noni for the first time she just seemed like the hippy type. One who would forgo the evil electronics of “the man”. And it fits well with her vegetarianism and love for the outdoors. Who needs television when you can be outside enjoying the fresh air? I suspect Mara was only allowed a computer because she managed to wheedle her way into it. But a television in the living room where everyone can be influenced by the evil? Never. LOL. Once Noni passes on though anything could happen.

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