Website is still under serious construction.

Considering that I am a full time wife, mother, and student, I have no idea when I'll get around to finishing it.

Eventually I'll get there though darnet!

Meanwhile, here are the links to my pages.

Every Day Stuff : Pictures! : Mainly where I test things to try out in my other blogs : My crocheting blog : My Project 365 page - take a picture a day

Sims Stuff : How to properly bin Sims 2 hair : Advanced editing guide to Sims 2 hair : How to clone your Sims 2 neighborhood : High Scoring Wants in Sims 2 : Lost your Serial Number? : Sims 2 Pets Unlock Everything : My Sims 2 Blog : My Sims 3 Blog : My Sims 3 pictures : More Sims 3 pictures (duplicates)