More Randomness & Bloopers

More Blooper shots and random game shots: moodlets, meshing issues, townies, etc.

I found the morning sickness very amusing. I took a plethora of shots of it from different angles. Notice the morning sickness moodlet.

And mesh failures, congrats Maxis.

Personal space. k plz thx.

“Get a little closer… with Arid Extra Dry”

That is the top of the baby’s head hanging out of the basket.

Random townies I was practicing my voyeur skills on.

Remember the creators’ beard blog? They weren’t kidding when they said they imported them into the game.

Yes, an absolutely hideous sense of fashion. GG EA.

Don’t ask me what they are screaming about. When my Sim walked past them they all started freaking out like monkeys hopped up on coke.

Is it just coincidence that all the old people are hanging out outside the hospital?

Someone commented on the title of the pregnancy book. Here’s a few more of the ever so creative selections.

Some random moodlets.

She made a couple of *really* hideous faces at her kids. Hence they are here instead of her story line. It ruined quite a few perfectly good shots.

And a closeup of the bookcase.

Two of the collectible rocks that you can cut or smelt… these should be gems.

Once they are cut, as far as I can tell you have the option of displaying them or selling them. Here’s the three display options.




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6 Responses to “More Randomness & Bloopers”

  1. Lisa says:

    Thanks for all of that. I’m kinda looking forward to this game.

  2. Aeronwy says:

    You know… I think it’s their mesh failures (and I’ve seen a LOT of them across various blogs now) that has me the most p*ssed off about their b.s. programming that doesn’t allow custom content or mods to the game. I mean, if they could get their graphics and behaviors RIGHT, then I’d be semi-okay with their not wanting other folks to do stuff. But if they can’t get the stuff done right and they can’t give us anything GOOD LOOKING, then let the community do it for you, like they did with TS1 and TS2! *shakes her head*

    *snicker* I love the expression on Noni’s face when that girl gets so close to her there! *giggles*

    Yikes, that outfit is HIDEOUS! *covers her eyes*

    Maybe they heard there was a bad doctor in that hospital and they didn’t want Noni giving birth in there? *shrugs*

    So… what do the moodlets actually do? I mean, I realize they increase or decrease your Sims mood, but how does their mood affect things? I’m guessing a bad mood means they don’t want to do stuff, but does a good mood give them a bonus to doing things or something? Or just

    And OMG!! Your girl really did have an aching back from her pregnancy and wanted a massage!! I thought you just did that for your story-telling! *claps*

    Hmm, she does seem to favore that “OMFG you did WHAT?!?” look, doesn’t she. That’s the look I commented about just above too. *giggle*

    The bookcase looks pretty cool. 😀

    I still wish we could turn the gems into jewelry. *shrugs*

    • PayneAS says:

      Your mood in TS3 is the equivalent of the overall Needs bar in TS2. You can see the bar to the right of the moodlets. Looks exactly like the one from TS2 except your wishes don’t give you aspiration points, but instead give you a temporary mood boost or decrease your mood. It may increase/decrease how fast your need bars lower. The Sims seem pretty willing to continue chugging along even if their mood is in the red but their thumbnail changes to the ugly “I hate you” face. I have yet to see a “No way am I doing that right now” message. And I’ve had them seriously in the red. Single, working mother of twins? I hope never again! Not sure how long Lynn kept her Sim’s hunger red before he died of starvation.

      Yes, TS3 really does give you a lot more “storytelling” power for those who might lack a little in the imagination department or even give a boost to those who don’t. In TS2 I really find myself getting into the rut of “skill, skill, skill, eat, bathroom, sleep, work, skill, skill, skill…” rinse, repeat. I think that’s probably why I haven’t played seriously in over a year. In TS3, I’ve found myself getting into that rut on occasion (but I have an excuse! LOL) but then one of those little moodlets will jar me back to storytelling or exploring a new game option.

  3. The moodlet looks like a bad moodlet of the loss of her hubby as opposed to the morning sickness. Am I wrong? I wish we could turn the gems to jewelry, too. Maybe someday (IF they decide to do an EP).

    • PayneAS says:

      If you are referring to her thought bubbles, then yes, they are about her dead hubby. The Moodlets are below where the wants/fears were in TS2. The first one (the broken heart) is again her hubby but the second one with the greenish face is the morning sickness moodlet.

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