More about Death

So I promised some more shots. Here are more from the death scenario.

They actually all stared at each other like this for about 10 minutes because I didn’t realize at first that Noni was blocking the path of Death and/or Marques. When I realized nothing was going to happen, I had to enter the “moveobjects on” cheat (without the quotes. Note, however, that the underscore no longer works) and move Noni out of the doorway.

Once I did that, Marq went over to Death, then transformed into green smoke and zapped into the urn (?).

Death floated on over to the bookshelf, grabbed a novel, and sat down to read awhile.

You can actually interact with Death in TS3. I tried to give him a rude gesture with Noni and asked him to leave. I’ve read on other forums that you can have a nice conversation with him and he’ll hang out awhile. Noni was understandably upset at the time though.

Then he left the lot.

More random shots:

A bit full of himself, isn’t he?

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3 Responses to “More about Death”

  1. Aeronwy says:

    I don’t blame her for wanting to be rude to Death and ask him to leave. I mean, she met a handsome young vigorous man and like 3 days later, the guy died of old age! *shakes her head*

  2. Looks like a block of cement. :O\

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