World Adventures Installation

Long Story Short: So far so good. Custom content appears to be working. I did have issues with Riverview which I solved. Nothing appears borked for the moment.

Short Story Long: Once I remembered that I had changed the VideoCamera.ini file and restored the original I simply moved that file along with my edited resource.cfg file to my desktop and patched the base game.

Then I stuck in the World Adventures disc and installed without a hitch.

Ran the Launcher to patch it to the latest version.

Moved my Mods folder from my original Sims 3 install to the same place in the World Adventures folder. Moved the resource.cfg file from my desktop to the base WA folder.

Left my camera mod out since there does not appear to be a similar folder within the WA folder.

Initially was concerned because it wouldn’t recognize that I had Riverview installed. Couldn’t reinstall it because it insisted it was there. Eventually did something so that it showed up in my Downloads folder and (re)installed from there just fine.

Ran game and Riverview now showed up. Started a new ‘hood with Riverview as the base and some chick out of the library. As I was changing her appearance and making her house spiffy I noticed that custom content and booty items were there in the catalog.

Now waiting for my 2 year old to go to bed so I can explore some more and get a chance to play around in new countries!

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2 Responses to “World Adventures Installation”

  1. Mao says:

    Did you get the Create a World patch? That’s the one that breaks CC. The other one is fine, thank goodness. It fixes a lot of the WA bugs, though the “random child” with locals still happens if you don’t update to CaW patch. Or 2.2.3 or whatever it’s called, LOL!

    • PayneAS says:

      I haven’t downloaded CAW. I just patched my base game, installed WA, then ran the launcher which patched my game again. I didn’t look at the version number or anything. And further research on my part has discovered that the patch you mention above makes the game unable to read sim3pack files but will continue to read .package files. I think most of my files are in .package form. In which case, if I do have the patch, I’m still seeing most of my CC. And thanks to Delphy we can convert our sim3pack files to package files. 🙂

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