Once the girls became teenagers, Noni and Marq realized that the twins needed seperate rooms. The single room they had been sharing was much too small for the both of them. And so plans were hastily drawn.

House Renovation

Mara and Carrie were allowed (to some extent) to choose what they each wanted in their room, depending on their limited funds. Mara, the budding artist, requested that her mom give her the easel Noni used to work on which she happily agreed to. She also requested a cheap bookshelf to continue her studies with. Noni also agreed to that. Carrie, who spent more time outside playing than inside her room, didn’t request anything.

House Renovation

With the extra money, Noni and Marq were able to finish the bedroom and bathroom addition to the house. Noni was quite unpleased with the resulting layout but since the renovation had been last minute, she had to accept it. Instead, she decided to try and rearrange the interior. Switching the dining room and kitchen seemed ideal and that was where she began.

House Renovation

Meanwhile, Carrie’s transition to her teen years were a rather ackward time for her. She suddenly became all arms and legs and found herself tripping over everything. Furthermore, she was nothing like her sister. She had no fashion sense whatsoever. Despite the fact that they were identical twins, everyone was able to tell them both apart simply by what they wore each day. Frustrated, Carrie went out and got her hair cut.

Carrie's Makeover

Yet again her sister Mara had to one-up her. She went out during the summer before school started and got an entire makeover. All new clothes and a new hairstyle as well as fashion accessories that put Carrie to shame. For a time, Carrie stopped talking to her twin. They were drifting further and further apart.

Mara's Makeover

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4 Responses to “Renovations”

  1. Oh dear … when twins can’t get along, things are REALLY bad. Reminds me of those guys in Pleasantview in TS2 (with the two redheads).

  2. Aeronwy says:

    Wow, that is a nice sized lot! (I think that’s the lot my test family started on too.) Good call on flipping the kitchen and dining room, that does look like things flow a little better.

    Aww, poor Carrie. *huggles* Here’s hoping she finds someone who loves her for her quirks as much as her enthusiasm.

    That’s sad the girls are drifting apart, but unfortunately that tends to happen a lot in life. *sighs*

    • PayneAS says:

      The lot is a lot bigger than I originally thought when I bought it. I’ll have to check and see which one it is when I play again.

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