In the blink of an eye Mara and Carrie became children. Noni wondered where all the time was going. Soon it was time for the twins to begin school. Noni was worried about sending them off alone but it was one place she couldn’t accompany them.

Mara & Carrie, first day of school

Although they were identical twins, their personalities were beginning to show and the difference between the two were like night and day. Mara was happiest with a book in her hand, figuring out a new puzzle, or playing chess . Her father would often join her when he had a spare moment. Pleased, Noni bought her a telescope, quickly getting it set up outside and testing it out.

On the other hand, Carrie was happiest outdoors. She was quite the tomboy and refused to wear anything resembling a dress. She absolutely loathed studying and the only way that Marq was able to get her to do her homework was to tutor her outside.

Carrie & Marq

Also unlike Mara, Carrie was outgoing and made friends easily. She often brought home friends from school, playing tag or any other outdoor game with them until night fell.

Carrie playing Tag

However, much too soon for Noni, both girls grew and became teenagers. And once more the favoritism for Mara showed as everyone celebrated her 16th birthday but Carrie was left to celebrate alone.

Mara's 16th Birthday

Carrie's 16th Birthday

** I didn’t get a lot of pictures of their childhood. I don’t remember why anymore. As a result, this was quite difficult to write. Sorry about that. Subsequent posts should hopefully be better.

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4 Responses to “Childhood”

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  2. Man … it always chaps my ass when parents show favoritism like this – where one child is left out … abandoned. :O((

    • PayneAS says:

      She really was too. It was so sad to see. First born and neither parent gave her the time of day. Made it easy to write though.

  3. Aeronwy says:

    The twins are cute, their dramatic differences aside. 😀 I’m surprised that Carrie, the one who was practically ignored as a toddler, is the outgoing friendly one. I’m glad she makes friends easily though!

    Aww, poor Carrie! That’s gotta SUCK, seeing your parents so obviously favoring your twin sister over yourself. 🙁 Here’s hoping her teenage years are filled with friends and boys, to make up for being ignored at home.

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