Death… becomes him?

Being a single mother was not all it was cracked up to be. Noni found the days blurring into one another until she hardly knew which day was what. The only thing that comforted her was that it seemed as though she could feel Marq’s presence close by, watching over her.

A short while after the children were born, as expected, Noni had her “Over the Hill birthday” and officially became an elder. She wondered to herself how she was going to keep up with these bundles of joy but resigned herself to the fact that she would just somehow have to manage. After all, it was what she had desired so badly. Still, she wished there were someone who could help her out. Unfortunately, she had no family and, because of the focus on her career, no friends.

Again, her life became just one long-running day. Noni couldn’t remember the last time she had gotten a good night’s sleep, or any sleep for that matter. Feed a baby, feed the other baby, change baby one, change baby two, spend time with them both, take a quick cat nap when they take their short naps. She had just about run out of steam when the twins finally grew into toddlers. While they still needed a lot of care from her, they were at least now somewhat more sufficient, allowing her to take longer cat naps.

Without realizing it, Noni began to favor Mara over Carrie. She wanted Mara to grow up to be a genius; Noni started to teach her to talk at an early age, leaving Carrie to entertain herself.

It seemed that another presence also favored Mara. Once she learned how to talk, perhaps she would be able to tell her mother all about it.

Noni realized, perhaps too late, that she was unable to keep up with the pressures of motherhood, her career, and her hobby. Nor was she willing to give any of them up. When she read the advertisement in the newspaper about the new experiment being conducted at the science lab, she debated long and hard about it. Were those feelings of her husband being close by just her wishful imagination or could there perhaps be some truth that you can communicate with the dead? All that was required is that Noni bring her husband’s urn to the lab. After calling in a babysitter, she headed over there, hope blossoming.

A few hours later, the scientists regretfully told her that it hadn’t quite worked out as they had expected.

Imagine Noni’s surprise though when she walked out of the lab to see her departed husband standing there waiting for her!

Sure… he was still a ghost but now he was touchable! The children would be able to grow up knowing their father! Ecstatic, she rushed home with him. Carrie and Mara just looked at their mother like she was crazy, freaking out about their father like that. They had always known he was there. They didn’t understand why she wasn’t able to see him until now. However, Noni didn’t see the looks the twins exchanged between themselves. She was too happy to notice anything but her dear husband, back again. With the children occupied, she slipped under the covers for the first restful nap she could remember having since his death, with him cuddled beside her.

** Yeah, two cameras and I still failed at getting a good transition shot of Carrie, so I decided to omit both their shots from this update instead of only having Mara’s. I will include them in the outtakes though. As for Marq coming back… it was an opportunity event. How neat is that? I will include the additional pics of that in another update as well. And thank you all my readers! It makes me glad to know y’all are enjoying my little drama!

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8 Responses to “Death… becomes him?”

  1. Lisa says:

    Awww. Poor Carrie. It looks like she being cheated in the look dept. too.

    • PayneAS says:

      Yeah. I tried to find ways to change her hair but no dice. I think they eventually fixed that in the Sims 2 (or you could get the Toddler mirror) but of course we don’t have it now.

      Luckily, she turns out much better when she transitions from toddler to child.

  2. Ah. Testing out the playble ghosts, eh? Heheh.

    • PayneAS says:

      I hope to finally get to play him tonight longer. So far I’ve only had him mostly gardening.

  3. Aeronwy says:

    (Only reading this like SEVEN MONTHS LATE… but better late than never, eh?)

    Aww, I’d say happy birthday, Noni, but that’s just sad! No family, except your twin daughters and no friends. *sniffles*

    Aww, poor Carrie. *huggles* Noni should have hired a babysitter, that would at least have helped with the feeding and changing and naps.

    I don’t blame her for hoping she could have her husband back… and I guess a touchable ghost is better than nothing at all! Heh, too funny the twins thought their mom was nuts ’cause she -couldn’t- see their father’s ghost before. *snicker*

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