Beginning my World Adventures

A few days ago, I finally received World Adventures and the accompanying Prima Guide in the mail. It installed without a hiccup and I jumped right in to play for the first time.

Meet Jamie Jolina.

She was one of the Sims in the Library with a slightly interesting story. Something along the lines of “Can beauty and brains form a winning combination?”. Well I tell ya… that blush makes her look more like she was slapped repeatedly. So after plopping her down in a rather nice lot, I sent her off to CAS.

Ahh, much better. Since I was on a time constraint, I just changed her make up. I didn’t worry about her clothes. They weren’t entirely hideous.

Since I had never played in Riverview before, I chose that as the neighborhood. Then I found a quiet country cottage for her to start out in. 2 bdr 1 ba. Here it is.

And the inside.

Thus begins the story of Jamie Jolina, hopeful world traveler & adventurer.

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2 Responses to “Beginning my World Adventures”

  1. Mao says:

    Ahhh, the Prima Guide! I have them for both games, but obviously, have neglected to look too much at them. I think I’ve read quite a bit of the base game stuff, but I like the surprise. I do remember sending Christina X-fire messages with, “okay, so where is this fruit again?” though because I can’t seem to find my WA guide anymore, LOL!

    Ahh, Riverview. And Jamie Jolina! She always sticks with me because that’s who my husband’s redneck-y sim married when he first played the game, LOL. She’ll be a fun one to travel with. 😉

    • PayneAS says:

      The TS2 guides I bought so I could have a list of the game objects.

      The TS3 guides I think I just bought out of nostalgia. I really don’t read them. I don’t want to spoil the surprise either. Only thing I’ve used it for so far is for storytelling purposes when I’ve forgotten what someone’s LTW or an icon over their head/panel meant.

      So *that’s* why she looks familiar! Thanks for solving that mystery. LOL!

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