Legacy Clarifications

Pinstar posted some clarifications later in that same thread:

Regarding Life Plants, I’m going to rule that they are not allowed under the same logic of no ambrosia. Anything that alters your sim’s lifespan is a no-go for the challenge. The reason being is that you’re racing against the clock (all be it a very long and slow clock) and being able to reset it could make for an excessive amount of points. After all, it is easy to have every single sim in the family get 100K, heck even 200K lifetime points if they have forever to live.

Regarding the lifetime points, it counts for total points gained over the course of the sim’s life. You’re free to spend them however you like, they still count. If you mouse over the treasure chest on the rewards tab it’ll give you your lifetime points earned amount.

Regarding different aging settings, the challenge is balanced to be on ‘normal’. Epic would give you more time to earn points before sims died, thus giving the epic players an advantage over normal length. That being said, you’re free to play a different lifespan speed Legacy Challenge, you’ll just have to compare your scores to others who have chosen the same lifespan setting, rather than normal.

Regarding harvesting fruit from community gardens, that is not stealing. You are free to sell/eat/plant the fruit.

Regarding portraits, they must be painted portraits. Cell Phone pictures do not count.

Regarding children and lifetime wants, you may assign lifetime wants when they crop up. You may also purchase the “change lifetime want” perk and select any want available for any sim, as many times as you wish. Keep in mind that once a sim has fulfilled their lifetime wish, you cannot change it to fulfill it another. This is how it is supposed to be. If you are after all 32 points, you’re going to need 32 different sims to fulfill their lifetime wishes.

You may also select the “Midlife crisis” perk to re-do your traits, but if you do that, you must randomize all of them (unless you are using family trait)

Regarding the question about books earned from opportunities. Those books are fair game to be sold for cash, even if your sim is in the criminal career track.

Regarding player created sims. While you are not allowed to move in/marry sims of your own creation, you ARE allowed to move in/marry their game-generated offspring if they happen to reproduce. Bear in mind that they must not be ‘rich’ to be eligible.

Regarding the question about collections. In an early beta version of the rules, i had some lines about getting points for complete collections, but in testing I found that either the collection was a lifetime want, or it was made stupidly easy by using the collection helper. Rather than banning the collection helper, I simply left off the collections from the point system.

You are allowed to use cake to age up a sim once you get the “XYZ’s Birthday is coming soon! Get a cake and etc etc…”
You can then age them up with the cake rather than waiting for the game to force the age-up.

No life fruit.

The founder’s traits do not have to be random. They are the one and only sim whose traits you get 100% control over.

The founder’s mate does not have to possess the family trait. If they happen to have it anyway, that is fine.

If you lose an heir and the previous generation is still of breeding age, you may have more children to restore the next generation.

When a female sim goes into labor you may take them to the hospital, or let the birth the child in the house. There is no difference and both methods are allowed.

Step son does not count. He is not of the founder’s bloodline. You ARE allowed to move in the children of sims that you marry, but those children are treated as adopted children (since they don’t carry the bloodline) meaning they cannot be heirs nor can they earn ANY points for your Legacy Family.

Also, as a note about portraits. Due to some balance testing I am adding one additional rule for portrait points. The sim pictured must be a young adult or older and living in the Legacy House at the time of painting. This is to prevent people from having massive waves of babies, painting portraits of them and moving them out without having to actually raise them.

Once the portrait has been started of the young adult sim in question, you are free to move him or her out and still have their portrait point count.

When you marry/move-in a spouse, they can start earning aspiration points towords their 100K goal right away, even before giving birth to the next generation. Its that they cannot earn Legacy points until they bring in the next generation.

The Klepto trait IS allowed. You just aren’t allowed to liquidate their handiwork. The spirit of the Kleptomanaic is that they keep around all the stuff that they pinch. Most players just cash in their ill gotten goods. Because that single trait had the potential to generate so much money, having or lacking that trait could make a huge difference in your net worth. No other trait has such a strong impact.

I *really* *really* wanted to do biography/Autobiography requirements on top of the portrait points for this challenge. Unfortunately, Biographies are not a normal book type, you can ONLY write then when you get a specific opportunity. Even when you do get that opportunity, the opportunity tells you who you are going to write about. You then have to rely on luck to get 3 such opportunities before you unlock the ability to write an autobiography. Too many variables to make it part of a scoring requirement…sad to say.

I may add in some aspects about ghosts and grave markers later on… additional testing is needed to refine that.

Regarding questions from a few other players.

Partnerships/Ownerships are allowed. The purchase price of the partner/ownership is not included in your net worth points, however the income it generates does. If you buy those deeds early enough, they could more than pay for themselves over the length of the Legacy Challenge.

@enkeli63: The Net worth is obtained by combining the “Furnished Value” of the home with the family’s cash on hand.

The spouses of spares or “splinter spouses” are technically allowed to earn points for the family once they’ve brought in a next generation. If you have the room and patience to handle a splinter family within the house, more power to you.

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